Greater Milwaukee IFGS


Welcome to the Greater Milwaukee IFGS homepage!

Please bear with us for a while as the site is built, it should be finished and polished soon.

First, you may ask what is IFGS?

IFGS, which stands for International Fantasy Gaming Society, is a Live-Action Roleplaying (LARP) society using the IFGS rules, which can be found at .

What is a LARP? A LARP is a bit of acting, a bit of imagination, and a bit of physical activity mixed into a storyline, where you play improvisational actors in a prewritten script. You may decide to play a noble knight opposed to fighting the forces of evil, or you may decide to play a clever thief using stealth and subtlety to reach your goals. From an intellectual mage to a meditative monk, the possibilities are endless.

Combat is simulated with fake weaponry built to specific safety standards. Every event is observed by a CPR/First Aid certified safety officer, and a first aid kit will be present on site.

 Feel free to check the links on the side for more information and our discussion threads.